Menstrual Cramps and Acupressure: Pressure Points for Pain Relief

By Claire Boxer

Over half of all menstruating women cope with painful menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) during their periods. While anti-inflammatories provide temporary relief, acupressure is a drug-free way of targeting period cramps and discomfort by activating your body’s natural pain relief abilities.

Here are 5 potent acupressure points for easing menstrual cramps:

  • Liver 3 (Taichong) – located on top of foot, relieves Liver qi stagnation causing cramps
  • Lower Abdomen – massage lower abdomen area moving hands in clockwise direction
  • Stomach 36 (Zusanli) – located below knee cap, improves Stomach qi flow, reduces cramping
  • Spleen 6 (Sanyinjiao) – found above ankle bone on inner leg, activates blood flow
  • Bladder 32 (Ciliao) – situated at lower back above tailbone, alleviates pelvic and back pain

Apply steady pressure to these points for 1-2 minutes each, 2-3x per day during your period or onset of cramping. Combine with slow deep breathing for amplified relaxation and pain relief benefits. The useful synergistic effects of acupuncture and acupressure provide a holistic solution for easing menstrual pain and discomfort.

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